Client Benefits

iOSH  seeks to find the best way to prioritize your time and money by  identifying the real risks and proposing practical solutions for those  while addressing regulatory compliance. 


Maximizing your safety culture and integrating it into your other business systems can:

  •  Lower Operating Costs
  • Reduce or eliminate accidents
  • Reduce schedule upsets
  • Reduce long-term liabilities
  • Reduce Worker’s Compensation costs and claims
  • Increase the well-being and productivity of employees
  • Improve compliance with environmental, health and safety regulations
  • Improve Community Goodwill 


iOSH can help you:

  •  Assess the current health of your safety program(s).
  • Weigh cost-benefits of various risk control and compliance strategies.
  • Channel your safety efforts into the direction that will be most beneficial for the value added.
  • Evaluate physical compliance with health and safety requlations.
  • Arbitrate employee concerns by determining / measuring actual risks.
  • Provide you with leading metrics to head off problems before they get out of hand.