Mr.  Herrick has over 30 years of experience providing comprehensive health  and safety services in a wide variety of industries and facilities  across most of the US and in Japan, Taiwan and Brazil.  His experience  has often involved addressing divergent management and union interests,  and successfully facilitating consensus in emotionally charged   situations.  He has found his employers and clients ways to save  thousands of dollars while improving regulatory compliance and employee  productivity.


  • Certified Industrial Hygienist, ABIH, Certificate No. 8039 in Comprehensive Practice
  • Certified Safety Professional, BCSP, Certificate No. 8413 in Comprehensive Practice
  • Member, Rocky Mountain Section, American Industrial Hygiene Association
  • Member, American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists
  • Construction Safety Specialist certificate, Red Rocks Community College, 2004
  • Safety and Health Specialist certificate, Red Rocks Community College, 2004
  • Member, American Society of Safety Engineers
  • DOE Level Q Top Secret Security Clearance (highest level possible), 1990-2003 


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Provided H&S  support services in the Research and Design laboratories.  Served as  Laser Safety Officer (LSO).  Developed the Accident Prevention Program  and training course, Laser Safety Program and Chemical Hygiene Plan.   Performed review of new lab designs/layouts. 

National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), Golden, CO

Provided full-time EHS support for R&D/Pilot Plant operations in biomass-to-fuel and Thermochemical divisions in the National Bioenergy Center; also served as EHS representative in the Energy System Integration Facility and the National Wind Technology Center.   Ensured compliance with NFPA 70E requirements, assessed electrical  hazards and work practices.  Conducted process hazard analyses (HAZOPS),  safety assessments, readiness verifications and start-up oversight of  new equipment and processes.  Developed/issued safe work permits for  non-standard operations.  Conducted evaluations of combustible dust and  static electricity control systems.  Investigated incidents, determining  root and contributory causes to develop corrective actions and lessons  learned.  Performed submittal review, orientation and oversight of  subcontractors.  

Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos, NM

Performed over 230  Baseline Exposure Assessments on a wide variety of work activities as  part of the Lab's 10 CFR 851.21 Hazard identification and Assessment  Program; including activities in the Neutron Science Center,  Superconductivity Technology Center, Applied Modern Physics Division and the Earth and Environmental Sciences Division. 

Solar Decathlon, Irvine, CA

The Solar Decathlon  is an award-winning Collegiate contest in which university teams  design, build and operate solar-powered houses; culminating in a public  display event with attendance by over 30,000 people.  As Event EHS  Manager, iOSH worked with the teams to guide development and  implementation of their houses.  Conducted on-line safety training  webinars, incorporating Prevention through Design principles and OSHA's Focus Four.   Ensured adherence to NFPA 70E, hoisting/rigging and fall  protection/prevention during design, assembly and disassembly of their  houses. 

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Served  as Environmental, Safety & and Health manager on a nuclear research  reactor decommissioning project at the University of Michigan.  Responsible for daily project health and safety management in the field  including work process control, review and approval; personal exposure  monitoring and analysis; evaluation and implementation of exposure  controls.  Project involved indoor demolition and the use of concrete  wire and wall sawing; hoisting and rigging concrete blocks up to 15  tons; extensive fall protection measures; lead abatement and component  removal in congested areas, adjacent to occupied facilities.   

Idaho National Engineering Laboratory, Idaho Falls

Conducted  statistical analyses of over 600 personnel air samples from an entire  year’s monitoring data of beryllium, cadmium and lead at the Advanced  Mixed Waste Treatment Plant.  Authored report of the findings and  conclusions of the data statistics for presentation to DOE. 

Rocky Flats Environmental Technology Site, Golden, CO

Instituted  engineered safety and ergonomic controls during project development,  start-up and on-going operations in one-of-a-kind plutonium  stabilization, waste packaging and laboratory processes at a former  nuclear weapons plant.  Designed innovative drum ventilation system to  capture radiological and chemical contaminants during repackaging  operations. 

Acer, Texas Instruments - Taiwan and Japan

Conducted  occupational health and safety assessments of large semiconductor  manufacturing facilities in Japan and Taiwan, in coordination with Texas  Instruments, utilizing the subject country and U.S. regulations.    Presented findings and recommendations to executive management  in-country and to U.S. parent company.  

Aluminum/Aluminum Products Manufacturer, Colorado

Performed  air monitoring for diesel particulates, formaldehyde, NO2, SO2 and  organic solvents at a major aluminum manufacturer in response to an OSHA  complaint letter.  Assisted the employer with their response to OSHA.   Presented findings to all shift-workers to allay concerns. 

Apple Computers, Fremont, CA

Provided regulation  applicability interpretation and supporting documentation,  demonstrating that they were not subject to the scope of a specific OSHA  regulation, eliminating the necessity to implement and maintain a  costly compliance program. Conducted lead exposure monitoring of  manufacturing ops. 

CH2M Hill Hanford, WA

Performed  quarterly analyses on accidents and injuries sustained at the Tank  Farms on the Hanford site, broken down by multiple factors, for  presentation to upper management.

Performed H&S program assessments to determine regulatory compliance, verify field implementation of program components and identify interface gaps for the Beryllium, Hazard Communication, Carcinogen Control, and Asbestos programs.  Proposed best-management practices, potential improvements to the existing implementing documents and in-field implementation.  Outlined a plan to take the programs to “world-class.”

Performed statistical analyses of CH2M Hill’s data on background air monitoring for mercury, coupled with regional and world-wide background mercury data, to establish a scientifically-based threshold for reporting of mercury-in-air at the Hanford site.

US Mint at Denver

Conducted  personal sampling of workers’ exposures to metalworking fluids while  grinding tools and dies.  Presented comprehensive report of findings,  analytical results and conclusions/recommendations.